Clam Shell Lighting Style

Clam Shell Lighting

It’s nothing to do with sea food…

Clam Shell Lighting Technique

Hi Everyone,

Back to bite-sized tips after the last few big posts (about re-sizing photos), which needed more detailed information.

Today, I’m going to tell you about a very simple but incredibly effective lighting technique. It’s known as ‘clam shell lighting’. This is because the set up looks a bit like an open clam shell (OK, maybe the people who made up the name were on drugs or something).

The above portrait of lovely Cumbrian model, Alex, was lit using this technique. A medium-sized softbox was placed just above, and slightly in front of her face; a reflector was placed just below her chin. I shot through the centre of them.

The softbox adds soft illumination across Alex’s face and the reflector bounces back light into the shadow areas.

Easy, effective and no sea food required.


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